Hercules Stands GS414B

GS414B, Soporte para Guitarra & Bajo from Hercules Stands.

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Stormleader 23/03/2011

Hercules Stands GS414B : la opinión de Stormleader (content in English)

"Simply the best single guitar stand for stage use out there"

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I mostly play at my church's local youth group. We do some crazy stuff on stage (We once ended up with people swinging from the ceiling...), so I decided that I should probably get a decent guitar stand. After researching several options, the Hercules stand seemed the best route to go. I knew I needed a good stand, especially since my guitar, a BC Rich Warbeast NJ, is very pointy. I didn't want it hitting the hard concrete floor on one of it's points.
Obviously the part I like the most about it is the whole locking feature. It works great and since it automatically locks when you set your guitar on the stand, you don't have to worry about putting some sort of rubberized band across the front of the yoke.

The one thing I would change though is that it is still a little big when collapsed. The reason for this is because Hercules made this stand so that it also works for Bass guitars, so the actual stand can extend pretty high, much higher than you need for guitar. If Hercules Stands would make a separate model for Bass guitar it would allow the guitar stands to be collapsed further. Granted, this is a truly minor complaint, and it's by no means a deal-breaker. Just something I figured I would throw out there. :)

Besides that, I can't really find any other fault in it. It's a sturdy stand that is very easy to adjust and keeps your guitar safe. All the parts that come into contact with your guitar are well padded, and won't leave scuff marks or scratches on your guitar.
Overall, I can't recommend this stand enough. It will more than pay for itself the first time somebody trips over your guitar cable when you have it in the stand. I would gladly buy this stand again in a heartbeat. Honestly, $40 to protect your guitar from hitting the floor? Seems like a great deal to me!