König & Meyer Guitar Wall Mount
König & Meyer Guitar Wall Mount

Guitar Wall Mount, Soporte para Guitarra & Bajo from König & Meyer.

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moosers 07/03/2011

König & Meyer Guitar Wall Mount : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The K&M Guitar Wall Mount is a simple device obviously giving you the ability to hang your guitar on your wall. These are useful in any place where you might want to grab your guitar quickly and easily. They're nice to have because unlike a stand they of course don't take up any space on the ground and are out of the way, while at the same time it's near enough to grab one quickly. K&M does have a few different versions of their guitar wall mounts, but this is the cheapest of what they've got. It's built pretty well and should definitely be able to hold up guitars of all shapes and sizes as long as it's mounted to the wall securely and on a surface that it's meant for. Once it's up on your wall you're good to go and can keep any of your guitars in an easy to see place whenever you get the urge to play or in the studio's case, whenever you want to lay down a part with a particular guitar. We have a whole wall of guitars that are mounted with some of these K&M Guitar Wall Mounts, ranging from Martin acoustics to Gibson Les Pauls, so it should be able to handle different guitars in terms of weight. I'd double check on this to make sure it's sturdy enough to hold up the guitar(s) you're thinking of hanging it on, but you should be just fine. The price is about the cheapest that you're going to find for something like this, as it's also probably best to get something that's sturdy enough to hold for as long as you need it. The last thing you'd want is for it to fall down along with your precious guitars. This should do the job for most users, but definitely do the proper research to make sure it will mount okay with whatever wall surface you're thinking of...