API Audio 525
API Audio 525

525, Studio compressor from API Audio.

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moosers 30/03/2010

API Audio 525 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The API Audio 525 is a single channel compressor inside the confines of a 500 series rackable piece of gear. It is made up of all analog components, and in terms of general make up has some interesting and unique features. You make your microphone connections after you plug this into an API Lunchbox, which has XLR inputs and output for each module and powers everything up via it's own power supply. These 525's are exact copy reissues of the vintage versions from the 70's. This is only rack mountable in a Lunchbox type of casing.


In general, the make up of the API Audio 525 is unique, but there are some familiar features to it as well. Even with some unique parameters, I haven't found that the 525 is at all hard to use. For starters you've got two knobs on the top that control your input level (threshold), and your output level (gain make up). It then has different sections of buttons for release and mode, the former of which has two buttons for four different settings that will range from .01 to 2.0 s. The two modes are for a 20:1 ratio and a 2:1 ratio. It also has a de-esse button, an off button, and a bypass button. Lastly, it has a large knob for ceiling, which basically controls how much compression you're going to get. A manual might be necessary if you are unfamiliar with the make up of preamps, but I've never seen one.


To say the least, the API Audio 525 is a versatile compressor that sounds great for a number of different applications. I've found that it is easy to adapt this versatility to most applications out there if I'm looking for some beefy compression. I've used it on vocals, electric guitar, and snare drum - all of which I found it sound great when run through the 525 or even when tracked right through it. I've never used an original 525, so I can't say how it would compare them, but they say it is an exact copy, so you've got to take their word.


If you're putting together a Lunchbox collection of 500 series out board gear, the API Audio 525 is definitely something you should consider for your rack. For a compressor that sounds this great, the price isn't unresonable, and like I said earlier this is incredibly versatile and can be used for all sorts of different applications. Add a couple of these to your home studio and you're in a whole new ballgame...