Retro Instruments Sta-Level
Retro Instruments Sta-Level

Sta-Level, Studio compressor from Retro Instruments.

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moosers 24/11/2011

Retro Instruments Sta-Level : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Retro Instruments STA-Level is a tuber limiter, modeled after a limiter of the same name made by Gates in the 1950's. There are some revisions but only for the better as the tone is supposed to be pretty darn close to the original. It's all analog and I believe it has XLR connections but I'm not 100 % sure as it was already hooked up to a patch bay when I've used it. It is rack mountable and looks like it will take up 3 spaces.


The Retro Instruments STA-Level isn't difficult to use once you know what all the parameters at play are. It's got your standard input and output levelers, but also has a recovery time six position parameter and a single/double/triple mode knob. A manual shouldn't be necessary for most users but is probably readily available if needed.


The sound of the Retro Instruments STA-Level is nothing short of fantastic. It's pretty much the perfect limiter for recording vocals and is useful in all sorts of different situations. It's simply a classic tube sound that is rich and undeniably full sounding. It's useful for drums (especially kick drum), vocals, and almost anything where you want to touch your level with a limiter. I can't describe the full sound that you get with this, it's pretty much something that you need to hear for yourself.


It's not going to be cheap to get your hands on a Retro Instruments STA-Level, but you're always going to have to pay for quality, and especially when we're talking about a top tier tube limiter. This is a front end piece for your professional or home studio and can be useful all over the map. Most home studio owners won't be able to afford a piece like this, but if you get one limiter for your studio it's worth it in the long run to get a top end piece like the STA-Level.