Urei / Jbl LA-4 Black
Urei / Jbl LA-4 Black

LA-4 Black, Studio compressor from Urei / Jbl.

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moosers 05/02/2009

Urei / Jbl LA-4 Black : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Urei/JBL LA-4 Black is a single channel hardware compressor. It is an analog pedal and I'm not sure what type of connections it has. It is a rackable unit but only takes up half a side of a 2U rack - they look great in pairs!


The setup is simple and easy to follow. The configuration of the pedal is as easy as any compressor as it has two knobs - one for threshold and one for output level. It also can be used with another LA-4A as a stereo pair and there is a switch for stereo. I've never seen a manual for this unit but it is very easy to use and anyone with some experience with a compressor should be able to figure this thing out.


The LA-4A is a great sounding compressor. It is clean and it adds some body to signals that I run through it. Having only two knobs, it is easy to get a great sounding signal in just a minute or two. I use this compressor mostly on electric guitar, but sounds great on a number of different instruments including vocals, bass guitar and acoustic guitar. It also sounds really great on kick drum and snare drum and in certain situations I like it a lot on overhead drum mics and electric keyboards.


I've been using the LA-4 for about four years and I use it whenever I have access to it. It is real clean sounding and its ease of use makes it even more appealing. While it is priced high, it is a high end compressor from a company with a great track record in signal processing. I would compare these to the LA-3s, as they are both in a similar class. Anyone looking for a high end compressor in a compact case, should definitley consider the LA-4!