Vintech Audio 609 CA
Vintech Audio 609 CA

609 CA, Studio compressor from Vintech Audio.

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moosers 02/05/2010

Vintech Audio 609 CA : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Vintech Audio 609 CA is a stereo compressor/limiter that is mostly based on the Neve 33609 compressor/limiter. This is the only dynamic processor that I've seen or used made by Vintech, as they most reissue Neve preamps. The 609 CA is made up of Class A analog components, and does require power from an external power supply that isn't included. It is rack mountable and will take up two spaces in a traditional casing.


Even if you're not familiar with the 33609, the Vintech Audio 609 CA is pretty easy to use granted you know a thing or two about compressor/limiters, so let's assume that you've used other compressors out there before you're using a big guy like the 609 CA. Each of the two channels is broken up into a section for the compressor and a section for the limiter. The limiter has parameters for threshold, attack, and recovery, while the compressor has the same parameters as a limiter but also adds those for gain and ratio. There has it's own in/out switch, and on the right side of the unit, there are switches for bypass and compress for each for the channels as well as metering for gain reduction and a stereo switch. A manual isn't a necessity as far as I'm concerned with the 609 CA.


Having used the original Neve 33609, I think it's safe to say that Vintech Audio has done a top notch job with the 609 CA. While this isn't a direct copy of the 33609, it does have a similar essence although it isn't a tone for tone direct copy. It can certainly be used for almost any application out there where you want some compression or limiting, but I've only used it for vocals, a stereo electric guitar send, and for mono kick and snare drum tracks. While my use with the 609 CA may be limited to this, I do believe that it is versatile enough to be used across the board.


You're definitely going to pay a whole ton of money for the Vintech Audio 609 CA, but if you're looking for a classic sound that will get the job done more than adequately day in and day out, looking no further than this special compressor/limiter. This isn't going to cost nearly as much as a real Neve compressor/limiter would cost in a new condition, so in this sense it's great to have a company like Vintech Audio out there to help share this sound with more people. Those in the market for a top tier stereo compressor/limiter, regardless of if you're looking for something like the 33609, should check out the Vintech 609 CA.