Roll Music Systems RMS216 Folcrom
Roll Music Systems RMS216 Folcrom

RMS216 Folcrom, Summing mixer from Roll Music Systems.

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moosers 29/07/2010

Roll Music Systems RMS216 Folcrom : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Roll Music Systems Folcrom RMS216 is a 16 channel passive summing mixer. It's got 16 channels of inputs and two channels of outputs. This is an awesome for a home studio where you're doing most of your work in the box. As far as connections on the RMS216 go, it's got D sub jacks for line inputs 1-16, and XLR outputs for your stereo outputs. This is a rack mountable piece of gear, and will only take up a single space in your traditional rack casing.


The configuration of the Roll Music Systems Folcrom RMS216 isn't hard to follow at all. Summing mixers in general are pretty simple, as once you've made your connections it pretty much does the work. The front panel only has two buttons for each of the 16 channels - one for 'left' and one for 'right.' This is simply for panning purposes and for spreading your channels. A manual isn't necessary unless you need help setting it up.


The Roll Music Systems Folcrom RMS216 is really perfect for adding some depth and warmth to your overall mixes. This is a quick and easy way to getting a better sound from your DAW mixes. With more and more home studios being present, having something like this in yours can really make a huge difference. You'll definitely notice more depth and overall fullness to your sound pretty instantaneously with the Folcrom RM216.


A summing box is one of the best investments you can make for your home or DAW based studio, and the Roll Music Systems Folcrom RMS216 is definitely not a bad way to go. It has a great sound and is definitely a lot less expensive than you'd think, especially when comparing it to other similar summing boxes. I'd highly recommend the Roll Music Systems Folcrom RMS216 for anyone looking to get a little more fullness from their DAW based mixes.