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AnimalTracksStudio 12/05/2008

Mackie Baby HUI : la opinión de AnimalTracksStudio (content in English)


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The one thing that you absolutely have to invest in for your home studio is a Motorized control surface. It will speed up your recording and mixing process and will make recording FUN again.

One neat little thing about the HUI is that they are ROCK solid and relatively inexpensive to find these days.

HUI stands for HUMAN USER INTERFACE. Basically, it does what your mouse does when it comes to mixing digital audio; only it does it faster and more precise.

I mainly use a Mackie MCU for my Control Surface but keep my old tried and True Baby HUI for location recordings and a back up in case I need one.

When I say they are rock solid, let me explain.

My Baby HUI has been a staple in my studio for years, one late night session the drummer tripped and fell into it knocking it to the floor. The Pan Pot went flying and the Control board for the transport punched inside the unit below the surface. The paint was a little bit scraped and the corner of the unit had a small bend. I thought my Baby HUI was a now a paperweight.

After a few kind words to the drummer and after every left for the night I disassembled the unit. I put a slightly larger set of screws in the nuts for the Transport and reassembled the unit, turned it on and it functioned as if nothing happened. The shaft for the pan pot is broken and I have to either replace the board for $50 US or live with a knob that comes off and needs to be re-seated occasionally.

Not a bad result for a ten-foot drop into a concrete floor.

The one drawback is due to the compact size. Smaller throw faders. I can live with that for a smaller size and the tank like construction. This unit is staying in my arsenal of tools for many more years.