Hercules DJ Control AIR
Hercules DJ Control AIR

DJ Control AIR, Superficie de Control MIDI para DJ from Hercules.

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mrjason 27/12/2012

Hercules DJ Control AIR : la opinión de mrjason (content in English)

"needs some more work"

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The Hercules DJ Control AIR is a control surface for the mobile DJ. The main attraction of this controller is that you can have touch free control over your performances because there is a sensor that will allow you to change things quickly just by waving your hand over it. This is not as responsive as you might think it should be. I have noticed many issues with it not reading properly or as quickly as it should read when you swipe your hand over it. I would not use this for a performance just because it is not that reliable, the last thing that I would want is to be performing and it not read my actions and mess up my whole show.
The AIR does have a built in audio interface, which is a good feature to have depending on your set up. There are also 8 performance pads that are a good size. Since this is just a controller you will need to use a DJ program that you are comfortable with, the one that comes with AIR is not one of my favorites at all because I felt like it was too difficult to fully understand. But getting it to work with this controller was not hard at all.

The idea of this controller is great, it would be awesome to have the ability to change your settings and effects/transitions just by swiping your hand across the sensors but it just was not tested enough to work out the kinks. It is very affordable and to say the least, it will work great as a controller. The price makes it a must try, but if you are buying it for the “swipe” capabilities then do not get it. You will be very upset with how unresponsive the swipe action really is.