Hercules DJ Control Instinct
Hercules DJ Control Instinct

DJ Control Instinct, Superficie de Control MIDI para DJ from Hercules.

public price: 99 € IVA incluido
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JimboSpins 21/03/2013

Hercules DJ Control Instinct : la opinión de JimboSpins (content in English)

"It is ok, I used it as a back up"

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The Hercules DJ Control Instinct is not only affordable but it has a very nice feel to it for it to be in this price range. There are two jog wheels that are pressure sensitive and there are mixer controls in the center of the set up with individual deck controls on the left side and on the right side for each individual platter. The stereo mini jack output is very loud so it can be heard over all of the other sounds during a performance.
Setting this controller up is very simple. It is bus powered via USB so all I had to do was just plug it in. I never had any driver issues or anything with this controller and never heard of any driver updates for it. This controller is also very easy to take with you anywhere. I would not use it as my main controller or rely on it for major shows but it could work as a backup. It comes with software but you can also use it with which ever software you want to use it with if you are not a fan of the “DJUCEDTM” software that comes with it. Though it provides software is very easy to use and has some features that even a seasoned DJ can appreciate.
Knowing what I know about this product now, I probably wouldn’t purchase it again if I could go back and do it all over because I never really got my money’s worth out of it and never used it as a main controller for my set up. So mainly it was a back up unit and never got tested on the big stage. I recommend someone to look into some of the beginner packages (DJ controller packages) from Numark and similar companies. They have some really good affordable units to learn with.