Pioneer XDJ-R1
Pioneer XDJ-R1

XDJ-R1, Superficie de Control MIDI para DJ from Pioneer in the XDJ series.

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content in English
brent.thought 25/02/2014

Pioneer XDJ-R1 : la opinión de brent.thought (content in English)

"The Thought was there but Pioneer Missed the Point"

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Other Models i have the DDJ ERGO / XDJ AERO / DDJ T1 / X3 XDJ PIONEER R1'S

Pioneer cannot explain the sudden freezing with a high pitched noise on the R1s, and its not just certain units, its a design fault, 2 of the R1's brand new out of the box froze in the middle of gigs, u have to restart the unit in order to get rid of the noise, the 1st R1 wireless didn't work at all.

In vinyl mode when youre using jog wheel to search you'll find that there are audio breaks, also from usb to cd you'll find that there is always a pitch difference, whether it be analysed in rekordbox or not,

There is no record option like on its predecessor the Aero XDJ, I wouldn't recommend buying the R1 until pioneer sorts out their issues. Like i said i'm on R1 unit number 3 now and its already seizing, firmware updates don't fix the big issues, your autosync, and bpm reader etc are fixed and some other things, but guaranteed the freezing will happen,

Oh yeah you'll notice E8302 errors will start happening if you mix for longer than 2 hrs or so, which are read errors for cd, even though you aren't playing with cds, lol, its an error in the link software (that pioneer knows to happen in cdj 2000's when i quote "when playing unusually long sets")

the R1 is an great idea, i just think pioneer pushed it out too soon and didn't work out all the bugs wanting to be first of its kind. on top of that, pioneer knows about the issues yet they blame it on the wireless connection, rekordbox and other situations, so if you have an R1 checkout the pioneer forum....