Vestax VCI-400
Vestax VCI-400

VCI-400, Superficie de Control MIDI para DJ from Vestax in the VCI series.

public price: 899 € IVA incluido
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BeyondR 27/10/2012

Vestax VCI-400 : la opinión de BeyondR (content in English)


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The Vestax VCI-400 is a great piece of software for every DJ out there.
What I like most about it is the innovative feature to bundled DJ software to any DJ which is extremely helpful in your mixing work. This piece of software is an a completely different league regarding dj controllers.
Some others great feature provided by this product are customizing control assignments, the VCI-400 and its ergonomic 4-channel lay out provides perfect control for mixing, resampling , such as cueing, pitch control, looping, FX control, track browsing/loading, triggering samples and scratching.

Another aspect of this product is the compatibility with many softwares like Traktor Pro 2, MixVibes, TORQ 2 and many others.

The sounds and quality of it is managed by 24-bit / 48 kHz resolution , combines a dual-core digital processor with an analog type of sounds to get the most of it.

It has some highly responsive multi-mode transport section triggers layers of controls instantly which allows creating some nice drum patters with a touch of syncopation , one other quality of this software is the large aluminum Filter knobs which look pretty pro.

My opinion about the value of price is decent, the product without a doubt, isn't a joke , it's made for pro work, the product costs around $899 so keep that in mind, if you're searching for a great pro platform this is best choice regarding quality and price.

Precision and quality of sounds is pretty much perfect, I would rate 9.5/10 , this platform is very handy in mixing.

Knowing what I know, if my budget would allow me to buy this pro software that takes the mixing process to a whole new level, which allows creativity to grow even further, without a doubt I would go for this product and I would make the same choice.