Citronic MPCD-S6
Citronic MPCD-S6

MPCD-S6, Tabletop DJ player from Citronic.

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BadApple 21/03/2011

Citronic MPCD-S6 : la opinión de BadApple (content in English)

"Great and Underrated!!"

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The citronic mpcd s6 is a great cdj from citronic. I have two of these models and I can not fault them one bit.
The features and effects on the cdjs are great. There is a rather big jog wheel to scan through tracks with and the top of it is a touch sensitive platter that if you set scratch mode on it will mimic your hand movements as if you were scratching vinyl. I have a vinyl deck also and I can say it is ok with scratching but if you are really looking into turntablism then you should get a couple of vinyl decks.
Other features that this cdj has include phaser, filter, flanger, transgates, echo and a lot more.
They have reverse mode so it plays your cd in reverse if you actually ever needed to do that.
All the effects can be triggered sort of auto as in 1/8 1/4 1/1 and so on which is pretty cool I must admit.
There is also an effect called skid, this give the cdj the feel of a vinyl player when you start it up or turn it off when you can hear it speeding up and such. This is quite nice at the end of a set when you are on your last track and you turn it off and it slows down to a stop, you can also use the previous mentioned 1/8 1/4 1/1 time to dictate how fast or slow it will do this effect.
The deck is very sturdy and I do not think you would be able to break it easily.
If you were to drop the deck whilst playing it has a 10 second memory feature which basically means it knows what is 10 seconds ahead on the cd at all times so it gives you enough time to pick it back up and carry on mixing without flaw.
I think that for the price you really do get a lot of great features and I always recommend these to people wanting to get some cdjs.