Lp Tambourin
Lp Tambourin
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moosers 08/06/2009

Lp Tambourin : la opinión de moosers (content in English)

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The LP Tambourine is a standard model version of the well known percussion instrument. I have used this instrument mostly for recording but have also used it for live shows and I've never been unhappy with the tone of this tambourine. I find that throwing up a Shure SM57 for recording this gives me a great sound that is clean and will cut through a mix well. When recording with it I like to give it some room as this is a loud instrument and I find that the signal needs to breath in order to get the best results. The LP Tambourine has a well placed handle in order to make sure you can get the best grip possible while playing this instrument. I trust LP to make well made percussion instruments that will last a while and I have found that I can definitely count on this when it comes to the LP Tambourine. Even though most tambourines will sound similar and are similar in price, I haven't found any evidence that suggests that this isn't a great deal both in terms of price and overall quality. While percussion isn't my first instrument, having one of these around comes in handy quite often as I find that I often want to overdub with this for recording. While most think that any old tambourine will do, I looked for one that seemed like it would last a while because I wanted to get one and hold onto it for years to come. I believe that I have found this in the LP Tambourine and I can say that I would definitely recommend it if you are in the market for a nice sounding tambourine that won't cost much money at all. If you are looking for a tambourine for any application, the LP Tambourine is a great bet.