MOTU 2408 Mk3
MOTU 2408 Mk3

2408 Mk3, Tarjeta de Sonido PCI/ISA + Rack from MOTU in the 2408 series.

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phraseland 04/12/2008

MOTU 2408 Mk3 : la opinión de phraseland (content in English)


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I bought the MOTU 2408 about four years ago and chose it mainly for the several setups you can run. I already owned an 8-Mic T/DIF interface and wanted to find a good solution to integrate it into my setup. There are not a lot of devices out there that actually have the T/DIF ports so I was excited to find this piece of equipment.

It comes with a PCI card that hosts a lot of the calculations needed for 24 channel audio processing. I also like that I can take it in my studio and use other than my equipment - simply by plugging in ADAT or T/DIF on the back.
I am ashamed to admit that I am using a 2,0GHz PC with 512MB RAM to run my setup - but I slimmed it down a lot and it runs without problems...only when I try to run Cubase, Melodyne and Reason at the same time :-) I am about to change that but for the last four years this computer setup has never hesitated to record 24 tracks at the same time. My whole first CD was recorded on this configuration - mainly thanks to the efficiency of the 2408.

The eight analog inputs are icing on the cake and have enabled quite a few live recordings (along with my T/DIF interface)


I was quite amazed when I installed the PCI card and the drivers...because very quickly I was 'out of work'...everything was ready to go!
There are a few settings that are very convenient but sometimes a bit difficult to understand at first. You can route the mixer settings any way you want before they reach your host. And the ASIO driver has worked in Cubase SX flawlessly for the last four years.


MOTU is just great about driver updates. They are amongst the first when a new operating system comes out and they fix problems very quickly.
As I already mentioned I have used this interface to the max and it has not hesitated to deliver. When I was recording my album I was not only recording 20 tracks at a time (initial drum recordings) - towards mixdown I was playing back about 40 tracks (with effects) and still recording overdubs. I can't really expect more of a software.


The PCI card works with other interfaces from MOTU as well - so I figure they run just as well. I only have experience with the 2408 and I can only recommend MOTU to anyone looking for a professional solution that doesn't blow the budget.
Maybe they could have given the unit a couple of microphone preamps...but for that you have all the other interfaces. I can't really find anything bad about this interface - even though it is not for everyone. But if you already own preamps and want to use them (be it ADAT, S/PDIF or T/DIF) this is a really good option.