Casio SK-1
Casio SK-1
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FP User 01/11/2008

Casio SK-1 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Its raw...enough said. i was surprised to see that it had amp envelopes and options like portamento...

Price paid: $5.99 USD

as mano said, the weaknesses make it a distinct instrument. the presets, esp the piano, are rather nice. a trick that i love to pull with this is to take instrument samples out of reason or other sources (the keyboard always maps to a, so you need to have the note playing A), burn them to cd and then just load up on the sk-1. the coloration often changes the properties of the instrument a thousand times over...synth pads become only vaguely recognizable textures. when i like things enough, i just dump them to my akai and save the patch :D


It doesnt get simpler than can create a patch by pressing a button. wow. almost like my Trinton


10. its really really useful...and makes for a very interesting tool in the right hands. and c'mon...i paid 6 bucks for mine- if you see one, BUY IT! you wont regret it!!!

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Posted by: Lodger ( 6-, 2006)