Casio CTK-4200
Casio CTK-4200

CTK-4200, Teclado Arreglador from Casio.

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sw80 30/01/2013

Casio CTK-4200 : la opinión de sw80 (content in English)

"Pretty Simple"

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The Casio CTK 4200 is a portable keyboard that has over 550 built in tones. I was able to plug in my MP3 player to it which made it a lot more fun to use because I could play along with my own songs and some of my favorite songs from the past instead of just playing along with the songs that come with it. One of my favorite things that I use to do with the Casio CTK 4200 is create drum patterns on my computer in Cubase and then loop it, export it to an MP3 file and plug it into the CTK 4200. I would do this to work on my improve skills and it also made it a lot of fun.


I also used this keyboard for a while as a MIDI controller with Cubase when my M Audio controller broke on me. This was a life saver at the time, but I only used it for about 4 months back in 2011 until I purchased a better full 88 key keyboard because this one only has 61 keys. But with it only having 61 keys it was very portable. But I felt limited to my playing without the full 88.


This is a great keyboard just to keep around if you want to practice or just play around from time to time. It is very durable as well, when I was not using it I would put it up on its side and lean it against the wall in the closet. It never damaged the keyboard or any of the keys and when I was ready to practice I could just take it right out and use it right away.
This keyboard does have a small LCD screen to pick your sounds with but it really was not anything to brag about because it was pretty simple. This keyboard only cost around 150 bucks in the store and it is a great keyboard to have for someone who is just learning or getting started on the keys.