Casio MT-45
Casio MT-45

MT-45, Teclado Arreglador from Casio.

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sukamara8 26/11/2013

Casio MT-45 : la opinión de sukamara8 (content in English)

"Cheesy / analogue sounding classic"

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This is one of the older Casio MTs, probably from 1981, with few sounds and rhythms (8+8) like all mid-size-key casios of the era. Despite this fact , there is vibrato and sustain, and an awesome retro-sounding appregiator (lacking in most MTs) and a choice of two bass sounds in the auto-accompaniament.

Also, like warranty-void AKA tablehooters has extensively explained, the chord section is very versatile and fast, accepting non-chords too, something non-existent or rare in modern keyboards/arrangers.

Another curiocity is that it is a 4 octave / mid size keys, but one octave is permanently dedicated to either bass / chord / accompaniament. There's also a 'memory' switch, another old school trait enabling to hold or not hold the chord currently playing. (old school bontempis have the same switch)

The machine architecture is very friendly to circuit bending / tampering / modifying.

Like most casio of the era it's got its output jack as well as tuning knob and dc adapter in.


Like all old casios of the era, all functions are easy and displayed on the panel

in this point of view those old "toy" keyboards in all their limited list of functions, they are very practical to use and get used to.


Most of its sound is chessy and analogue sounding, drums sounds are analogue and the filters muffling the tone sounds are also analogue. It sounds quite unique and retro for lovers of this kind of thing. The tones sound cheesier and even less realistic than later MTs, but the chord section in all its cheasiness has that appeal that some like in those old casios.

I also own casio mt-52 and casio mt-800 all unique in their own way and nice sounding IMO for retro lovers. I have also made circuit bends for those.

But I loved the mt-45 most in that way, so much in fact that I bought a second one build into a wooden case this time a bigger project, all inspired by the mt-45 'open architecture' to circuit bending.

In a way the sounds are quite relevant to chip tunes styles and 8-bit , 'commodore' music ... the appregiator is awesome!