Casio WK-225
Casio WK-225

WK-225, Teclado Arreglador from Casio.

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mrjason 07/02/2013

Casio WK-225 : la opinión de mrjason (content in English)

"Portable but didnt like the sequencing"

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The Casio WK-225 is a portable keyboard with 76 touch sensitive keys. Normally a keyboard with 76 keys would not be portable to me but this keyboard is very light. It has over 600 built in sounds including some very good piano sounds. I was able to sequence on this keyboard but the sequencer was not very good and I didn’t feel like I had full control over my patterns. This keyboard is for a beginner, and is a great keyboard for beginner to use because it comes with Casio’s “step up lesson system” which helps any beginner really understand how to compose music and learn basic progressions in music.


This is classified as a workstation, but it is a very basic watered down version of a workstation to me because it does not give full control over everything like the major workstations do. One thing I can say about this keyboard is that it is very easy to use, it is plug and play and will require no manual reading at all. It does have speakers built on it with a audio input option so you can run your audio through it if you want to just use the speakers to listen to music from other sources. You cannot use the audio input option to sample though because this keyboard does not support sampling.


There is a 5 song 6 track recorder on the WK-225 and has a decent size backlit display. For a beginner I feel this keyboard is perfect to understand the basics of composition and learning to sequence some of your first songs. If you are a moderate keyboard player or need something to sequence on I do not suggest this because you will need more tracks and more options. For the money it cost you are better off getting a USB controller and use the program that it comes with to make music and compose tracks/songs with. It will give you something to build off of for growing.