Solton MS5
Solton MS5

MS5, Teclado Arreglador from Solton.

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stompboxjon 21/05/2012

Solton MS5 : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)

"older board"

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The Solton MS5 seems like it has been around forever, it has probably been around since the mid 90’s or so. But it still gets used in most studios that carry vintage keyboards. I havent really heard to much from Solton as far as production goes since this line of boards and maybe a few before it.


It is very easy to understand and to start using. No need for instructions or manuals as long as you have a basic knowledge of keyboards and equipment. It is a 61 not board with velocity and also pitch bend. The pitch been wheel is a little stiff even now still it is 20 years later. You can have up to around 48 patters.

The sounds is pretty good, nothing I could see myself using anymore though, but many years back I was really into this board. I recently saw one at a music store in the used section which is what inspired me to write this review on here. The effects that are built in are the best, they are very basic and standard and nothing that will leave you shocked. Just some basic reverb chorus and maybe some rotor effects.


Overall, a board like this would only be sought after if you are into vintage equipment. Don’t expect to get this and want to use the sounds in your music if you are playing up to date stuff. But if you are a vintage buff then you will love it just like we all did back in the 90’s. Call around and see if you can actually still get your hands on one of these. It is pretty addictive though if you are just messing our with it, but as I stated I wont be using it in any of my compositions as my style is very up to date.