Yamaha YPT-300
Yamaha YPT-300

YPT-300, Teclado Arreglador from Yamaha.

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FP User 10/11/2008

Yamaha YPT-300 : la opinión de FP User (content in English)


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Don't be fooled, the 500 voices aren't all different. There's about 100 different sounding voices. You can Split the voice and play 2 instruments at the same time by dividing the keys. The Styles (background rhythms) all sound identical. You'd expect to be able to play with a jazz band or a rock group, instead you get to play with the same friggin' annoying melody. WORST THING ABOUT THIS KEYBOARD!!! Support ignores you. I had 1 simple question about how to open my 05pk.usr (5 User Songs). I had to separately purchase the Midi/USB cable ($25); after hooking it up I had to download Yamaha's MusicSoft (piece of crap); after figuring it out I was able to "transfer" songs as they call it. "Transferring" songs according to Yamaha equals saving your songs on your keyboard, transferring them to the computer, not ever being able to access them via your computer, and when you feel like hearing them again, transfer them back onto your keyboard... aka, you can't convert your files to .mid, .wav, .mp3, NOTHING but the original 05pk.usr (which you'll never ever be able to open on your computer)... I'm sure there is expensive hard or software that will alleviate this problem, but it doesn't seem fair that Yamaha markets this keyboard as a "midi capable" device when it clearly is midi handicapped and in dire need of added assistance to even potentially be able to use midi's. Point is, I've been asking/looking for about a month now only to be continuously ignored by everyone (including Yamaha's yca support team) or told computer music from this keyboard is never gonna happen.

Price paid

$150 USD


Actually easy to use. Very simple and anything not simple is pretty thoroughly covered in the user manual.

Only owned it for a couple months but have been storing it on it's side both months and traveling a lot in town with it... hasn't broken yet?


It's ok.. Good keyboard to learn piano and musical theory on. Also decent for gigs (if you buy a sustain pedal), but considering I bought it specifically to be able to make tracks for music editing on my computer and Yamaha has thoroughly had terrible Tech Support... I hate this piece of junk. I wish I would've wasted that $150 on weed or used on a 4-track.

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Posted by: wish ( 3-, 2006)