Yamaha PSR-E203
Yamaha PSR-E203

PSR-E203, Teclado Arreglador from Yamaha in the PSR series.

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ericthegreat 26/09/2011

Yamaha PSR-E203 : la opinión de ericthegreat (content in English)

"its great for a beginner"

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I really like the psr e203 a lot, it is a great arranger keyboard. It is made for a beginner and you can learn to play the keys with this board. there are so many cool features with this board you will be surprised, but I will say its not up to date with sounds and ready for today’s music. that’s why I feel its more a beginner board.


The configuration was very simple, like I said its for beginners I bought this as a gift a few years back and its still being used a lot today. Even if you have no knowledge at all about keyboards you can get up and running with this thing.

The most cool feature for those who wish to learn music is that as you play the notes, they are displayed on treble and bass clef staffs on the display along with the chord being played. This is really great! The learning modes step you through left hand play, chords and melodies. Also, the keyboard can be connected to a computer and interfaced with software. The built-in track recorder allows you to record different instrument parts in time and play them back.

For the price point, purpose and intended market, this is an excellent, wonderful instrument. My Mom has been playing three hours a day and just loves it. It's the perfect gift for her and that makes me really very happy with this purchase.


Overall, it doesn't come with an A/C adapter or USB cable. Instead, Yamaha offers the "survival kit". However, I think these are two basic accessories that should be included. I also think the 5w speakers need to be beefed up a little bit. They were a little quiet for some sounds, though they are intended for practice and not performance and the headphones sound good. but i suggest giving this keyboard a shot if you are beginning to play.