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stompboxjon 04/04/2012

M-Audio Ozone : la opinión de stompboxjon (content in English)


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The M audio Ozone is a very small and compact midi keyboard that will sync up with your program even if there isn’t a preset config for it, you can just use generic controller. It has plenty of knobs that you can assign to what you want to assign them to. The pitch and mod will are pretty good for such a cheap (price) keyboard. Most of the keyboards in this price range are really plastic and the mod and pitch wheels are really stiff. The M Audio Ozone is that bad though .


Installation is as easy as it gets, just plug it in and put the disk In and you are good to go. Set it up in your software and start using it right away. You can set the knobs and sliders to do whatever you want them to do, you don’t have to follow whats printed on the keyboard itself.


Getting started couldn’t be any easier with this you will have no issues getting it up and running.


Overall, a great midi keyboard. Its very small and compact so you can put it in your laptop case and take it anywhere with you. I have used it on a plane before flying coach and we all know how small planes are with elbow room! Its very light and easy to use, nothing special with it. The price is great exactly what you would want to play for a similar product. There really isn’t much difference between this and lot of other midi boards that are similar. They all do the same thing, until you start getting into the bigger full size midi keyboards and you will see they can do a lot more and have way nicer feeling keys than this one does. They keys on this one are kinda “toyish” though. Real stiff and plastic like, but they will loosen up after you use it for a while.