MXR M159 Stereo Tremolo
MXR M159 Stereo Tremolo

M159 Stereo Tremolo, Tremolo pedal from MXR.

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moosers 29/05/2009

MXR M159 Stereo Tremolo : la opinión de moosers (content in English)

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The MXR M-159 Stereo Tremolo is a guitar effects pedal that has two ¼ inch outputs as well as two ¼ inch inputs. It is powered by the power supply that comes with it and also has two separate foot switches.


Using the MXR M-159 Stereo Tremolo is a very easy to do as it only has three different parameters – one for depth, one for shape, and one for speed. It has basic connections, even if you are trying to use it as a stereo pedal. Having the two different foot switches for pan and the effect is a nice feature to have as well. I don’t have the manual for this pedal, but you really don’t need it to learn the pedal.


The sound quality of the MXR M-159 Stereo Tremolo is pretty awesome all around. It is capable of getting a bunch of different types of tremolo tones, but I like it best for the traditional sound that you would think of when you think of this type of effect. It has a really full tone and the rate of the tremolo really pulses a great deal no matter where you set it. While I don’t always use it as a stereo pedal, it is nice to have the option available to do so if I’d like.


I’ve had the MXR M-159 Stereo Tremolo for about three years and I have to say its one of the better tremolo pedals that I’ve used. I’ve always generally liked the pedals made by MXR, and this pedal really shows the best of what they can do. This isn’t the cheapest tremolo pedal out there when compared to some of the other available options, but to me this sounds way better than most of the other pedals out there. If you’re looking to get a great sounding tremolo pedal and are willing to pay the price, I would highly recommend this pedal.