Boss VB-2 Vibrato
Boss VB-2 Vibrato

VB-2 Vibrato, Tremolo/Vibrato para Guitarra from Boss.

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moosers 16/10/2009

Boss VB-2 Vibrato : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Boss VB-2 is a vibrato pedal designed for use with electric guitar but can be used with any electronic instrument, although I've only used it for electric guitar.  The pedal has 1/4 inch connections for input and output and isn't rack mountable as it is a foot pedal.


The make up of the Boss VB-2 Vibrato pedal is easy to follow as it only has a handful of parameters that need to be dealt with.  The pedal has parameters for depth, rate, rise time, and a mode knob that has options for unlatch, bypass, and latch.  It isn't hard to understand the pedal's parameters and after playing around with it for a few minutes I was able to fully understand all of the parameters involved with the pedal.  A manual isn't needed for the Boss VB-2 Vibrato so I can't say if it would be helpful or not.


The sound of the Boss VB-2 Vibrato is pretty awesome overall.  It has pretty much all true vibrato sounds, rather than tremolo sounds as the two are often confused.  I use the pedal with a Fender Strat and a '76 Fender Twin Reverb for recording and I'm able to get some really great vibrato tones within this set up.  The parameters allow for the user to get all sorts of vibrato sounds, ranging from subtle to insane a la 'Honey Pie.'  The tones are rich sounding and are great for a variety of genres and applications as long as you get creative with it!


Overall, the Boss VB-2 Vibrato is one of the better vibrato pedals out there.  It sounds great and is quite easy to use, as is the case with most Boss pedals.  Since this is no longer made, it is a bit more sought after than most pedals and will cost a bit more than normal Boss pedals, but if you are looking for a true vibrato pedal, I believe that this is the only one that Boss makes.  If you are looking for a vintage vibrato pedal or just any vibrato in general, the Boss VB-2 Vibrato is a great overall choice.