Danelectro CV-1 Vibe
Danelectro CV-1 Vibe

CV-1 Vibe, Tremolo/Vibrato para Guitarra from Danelectro in the Cool Cat series.

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mooseherman 21/04/2010

Danelectro CV-1 Vibe : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)


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This is a very affordable vibrato pedal that I recently tried for a few days. It has analog technology and only has the simple 1/4" input and output. There are no MIDI or Computer editing capabilities. It's a foot pedal and is therefore not rackable.


The editing of this effect is quite easy. Danelectro pedals really have the back-to-basics approach nailed. There three knobs. The first is mix, which is basically the mix between dry signal and wet (wet meaning with the vibrato effect). The other two knobs are for speed and intensity. The manual isn't really necessary at all but it will explain these things well.


I don't know if I'm simply dissatisfied with this pedal, or if I'm just expecting too much out of it. I was expecting something along the lines of a Univibe, which is a classic sound. I feel as though they tried to emulate that tone and almost succeeded, but not quite. The main beef I have with the pedal is that it sounds thin. When I up the mix knob, I notice that my intonation is too far out for my liking, and that I lose the signal in muddiness. I think that for once, this pedal's effect is too light for me. It does actually color the sound a bit too much for my liking as well. I think that in general, I'd be better off with the real deal (a Univibe) or another, better replication of that sound. This is mainly because I have played some that aren't nearly as limiting.


I would say that I'm not too happy with this pedal in general. I think that Danelectro is sort of hit or miss, which is to be expected of a company that charges so little for their pedals. While an interesting idea, this pedal simply falls short of the kind of sound I want. However, I won't say that nobody would like this pedal, I'm sure some people would find much to like here. It just didn't work for me personally.