Diamond Pedals Vibrato
Diamond Pedals Vibrato

Vibrato, Tremolo/Vibrato para Guitarra from Diamond Pedals.

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moosers 06/02/2010

Diamond Pedals Vibrato : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Diamond Pedals Vibrato is an analog pedal capable of getting all sorts of different vibrato and modulation/chorus tones. The pedal has 1/4" connections for input and output, as well as for expression pedal outputs for both depth and speed. It also has true bypass and is powered by a nine volt power supply. It isn't a rackable piece of gear as it is a foot pedal.


Using the Diamond Pedals Vibrato shouldn't present you with any big problems. The pedal simply has parameters for volume, chorus, speed, and depth, as well as switches for high (bright), and jazz. If you're looking at this review, I will assume that you know at least a little bit about vibrato pedals, so I don't believe that a manual would be necessary for most users unless you've got no experience with vibrato pedals and don't know what these parameters will do or mean.


Depending on which ways you set the parameters, you can truly get a wide variety of tones from this pedal. It is possible to get both standard chorus and vibrato tones, as well as some trippy and out there sounds. This is definitely more of a vibrato rather than a tremolo, as the two often get confused for each other. I have used the pedal for some recordings with a Fender Stratocaster and an Orange AD Rockerverb 50, and was overall very impressed with not only the high quality of the pedal, but also the plethora of possible tones available.


Since the Diamond Pedals Vibrato is made up of all analog, high end parts (and with care!), it isn't the cheapest pedal on the market, but considering this high quality, it definitely isn't overpriced. This is just as much of a chorus pedal as it is a vibrato, although you don't have as much control over your chorus as you would with a pedal that was only a chorus pedal. Having the chorus is really an added bonus, so I'd really only recommend this if you're looking for a vibrato pedal rather than a chorus pedal. Diamond Pedals has an awesome line of effects, and this Vibrato falls right in place there...