BBE Soul Vibe
BBE Soul Vibe

Soul Vibe, Tremolo/Vibrato Software from BBE in the Stomp Ware series.

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moosers 04/11/2010

BBE Soul Vibe : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The BBE Stomp Ware Soul Vibe plug-in is one that’s a part of the Stomp Ware bundle of plug-ins developed by BBE and Nomad Factory. All of the plug-ins the bundle (eight total) are modeled after real guitar pedals that are issued by BBE. It’s basically a Leslie/rotary sort of effect, but designed for use with electric guitar, although suitable for use with any instrument desired. Installing the full bundle at once is a breeze, as is operating the plug-in. It’s only got parameters for speed and intensity, which is a pretty standard configuration for effects of this type. A manual isn’t going to be necessary here at all…


I’ve got the Stomp Ware bundle and the BBE Soul Vibe plug-in currently running on my home recording studio’s system. It’s running in Pro Tools LE 8 that I run on a Mac Book Pro computer. The lap top has 4 GB of RAM and a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, while I’ve got a Digi 002R audio interface to run Pro Tools. This plug-in really doesn’t take up any processing power however, so I’d be surprised if everyone wasn’t able to run it.


While there are a few useful plug-ins in the BBE Stomp Ware bundle, the Soul Vibe isn’t one of my favorite ones. It doesn’t sound awful, but I just can’t see myself using this much more in the future after having tried it out on guitar on a few sessions. I like using my Digidesign Voce bundle of plug-ins for effects like this in the box, which I think sounds a lot more realistic than this one. This bundle really couldn’t be any cheaper, especially when you break it down price per plug-in, but I’d still probably recommend putting the money into a single plug-in of a higher quality.