Fender Super 210
Fender Super 210

Super 210, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender.

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iamqman 13/09/2011

Fender Super 210 : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Nah stay away"

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The sender super 210 is a nice little 60 watt combo that features two channels of clean and overdrive. This is a fun little amp for someone wanting to get a pretty inexpensive sender amp. It has that fender look as you expect from the fender company but one thing that is unique on the cosmetic side is the red control knobs. That's little strange looking to me but it does get the amplifier itself a unique look comparatively to the rest of the sender amplifier lineup.


This amplifier is pretty easy to use and it's fairly mundane. You have two channels consisting of a clean and a saturated or overdrive champ. As you might expect the standard clean channel is exactly that, it is a Fender clean which Fender is probably the leader in clean amplifiers. The second channel is the overdrive channel and as you would expect from the fender amplifier the saturation in overdrive sort of get a loss here. It doesn't sound very good and it's not very usable and pretty much any application. If you want to get in overdrive, sounding tone from this amplifier you're going to have to use a overdrive for distortion pedal of some sort. This amplifier is not to give you a rich harmonic distortion tone no matter how well you dial this thing. It's not built for a over-the-top breathing medium gain distortion it comes on very thin and very raspy.

I've never been a fan of Fender distortions so this one continues that feeling I have for sender distortion amplifiers. They suck, they don't sound good, and they're not worth the money spent on. Overall this is not that creative and amplifier because the two channels don't really do it for me in particular. To me this is basically a single channel amplifier because the other one is just not usable for me.


This amplifier has a good clean channel but so do a lot of other amplifiers especially other center amplifiers. For what it's worth the price of admission. Overall it has its good clean tone but it's just not can it be that kind of amplifier that you really enjoy playing and didn't be a very first amp. It's marketed as a two channel amplifier but it's just not that.


I don't really recommend this amp to anyone in particular because it just doesn't sound as good as other amplifiers to do exactly the same thing. If you need standard clean campfire then I would choose other amplifier such as the Princeton reverb or a twin reverb from Fender. If you need a pretty inexpensive to channel amplifier that has a clean distortion this is not to be the best bet. Especially if you're heavily relying on a distortion channel. You not getting get a good solid saturation from this amp. It's not capable of sounding good with the distortion channel on. So to me this is a big pass and must not buy.