Fender The Twin
Fender The Twin

The Twin, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender.

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iamqman 19/01/2012

Fender The Twin : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"classic American tone"

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Fender has been really known for their great sounding clean amplifiers and one of those amplifiers has to be the Fender twin reverb. This is a very iconic sounding and also great looking amplifier is well. So many albums and records have been mixed and played through this particular amplifier. This amp has a useful and soulful tone that also carries a load of vintage quality characteristics along with it. This particular one features red control knobs which quite honestly doesn't really mean a whole lot as far as the tone comes. You basically getting get the exact same type of tone that you would have any other Fender twin reverb amplifier.


The amplifier has a traditional look as far as the front grill is concerned. The difference in this amplifiers basically the red control knobs. They have the same controls and switches that you would any other fender reverb but you have these bright red control knobs it really make your eyes pop when you first look at this amplifier. They have a front panel that is pretty self explanatory and you can dial in great sounding soulful tone pretty quickly and painlessly. You really do not need a manual with amp because it really gives you exactly the tone that you're looking for with pretty much anywhere you said it.


I really like the sound of these amps because they have a great feel and a great tone for the clean sparkly sounds. They really sound blossoming and soulful you use a Fender Stratocaster guitar in the neck pick up. If you run a decent overdrive pedal in front of this amplifier such as a Ibanez tube screamer or some sort of boss overdrive/distortion pedal than you're going to get a great sounding bluesy tone that will fit in pretty much any style of music other than metal. This is a great sounding amp that has to nice sounding 12 inch speakers that really allows you to feel that power and sound that you need for expressing yourself musically.


These amplifiers are fairly hard to track down. If you're looking for just a Fender twin reverb in general you can find this pretty easily and you can probably find them and most guitar retailers online or in most musical shops. The red knobs can it be little bit harder to track down so if it's not absolutely necessary and I suggest just going with a regular old standard Fender twin reverb combo amplifier.