Laney LC15R
Laney LC15R

LC15R, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the LC series.

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King Loudness 17/12/2011

Laney LC15R : la opinión de King Loudness (content in English)

"A lil' tone machine"

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The Laney LC-15R is one of the smallest variants of the LC series line, which is noted for its more vintage styling and tone. This particular model is a single channel amplifier, putting out 15 watts of power that is run on EL84 tubes. It has a single 10" speaker for great portability. The single channel has a gain control, a bright switch (acts sort of like a brightness control on a Fender, or a Top Boost channel on a VOX) and the typical EQ stack of bass, middle, treble. There's also the standard volume control, and a nice spring reverb as well. The back houses the speaker jacks as well as an effects loop, great and useful features.


Getting a good tone out of this amplifier is pretty easy. There's not a lot of controls to get your head around and the layout is pretty typical. Its closest competitor is the Fender Blues Junior for features and general layout. The amp is single channel so my best approach to setting it up was to either set the amp up with a more mid gain sound and use a boost pedal like a Super Overdrive to kick it into high gear or setting it up for its highest gain tone (think early Van Halen sounding) and then use my guitar volume to clean it up. The EQ reacts pretty typically for an amp of this type, though understandably there isn't a ton of low end considering it only has the one 10" in it.


This amp, despite its simplicity, actually sounds pretty fantastic for the price and features. It's got to be set up for each, but you CAN get a great clean and some rippin' drive out of this amp as well. The clean tones are jangly and clear, with a teasing hint of Fender-y sparkle and chime, perfect for single coil players or perhaps P90s/lower output humbuckers. Easing up the gain brings the amp into great bluesy tones that work very well for gritty blues and early rock n' roll styles. Switching into the highest gain setting gives it a certain British fire that's reminiscent of that great tone used by many rock gods of the '70s and '80s. Sure it may not have the POWER of your vintage Marshall JMP put on 10, but it's got that sort of tone if you want it.


All in all I think the Laney LC-15R is a great little tube amp for the player who wants a classic look, easy to use layout, simple yet useful features and a great variety of tones in a single channel design. It sounds particularly cool and it definitely is a way to get that British tone in a cheaper and portable box. At about $500 new these amps were fairly priced when new and you can find them for $300 or so if you look now. Definitely a great little gem in this world of amps. Go check one out!