Laney LC50-112 II
Laney LC50-112 II

LC50-112 II, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Laney in the LC series.

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Everlone 05/07/2011

Laney LC50-112 II : la opinión de Everlone (content in English)

"A HUGE sounding 1x12 combo."

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The Laney LC50-II is 50 watt, 1x12 tube combo amp powered by two el34 power tubes. It has a clean and a distortion channel, footswitchable reverb, and a bright switch on the clean channel. Each channel has its own treble, mid, and bass controls, as well as volume control. The 12 inch speaker is a Celestion Seventy/Eighty.


It is incredibly easy to get good tones out of this Laney combo. The equalization controls are all balanced in their sweep, and the Bright button on the clean channel really adds a nice sparkle to the tone.


I use a Gibson Les Paul Custom and a small pedalboard consisting of a Fulltone Fulldrive 2, a Line 6 MM4, and a Boss NS-2. The LC50-II has slightly more gain than a Marshall JCM800, but not enough to be considered a “high gain” amplifier. I use the Fulldrive to boost the distortion channel with excellent results. The Laney amps I have played all tend to have a certain “fuzz” on the distortion channel, and the LC50 is no different. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; it’s just the Laney sound. Just listen to Tony Iommi’s guitar tone and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. The clean channel on this combo is amazing. It is VERY loud, VERY clean, and takes pedals well.


The thing I like the most about the LC50-II is how unbelievably LOUD it is for a 1x12 combo. This is a great feature in live settings, but this does not make for a good practice amp unless you have no issues with being loud where you live. I paid $500 for this used amp and I feel like I got an excellent deal. The tone and volume in the convenience of a 1x12 combo makes this amp a winner in my book.