Matchless CH-112 Chieftain
Matchless CH-112 Chieftain

CH-112 Chieftain, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Matchless.

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moosers 30/03/2009

Matchless CH-112 Chieftain : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Matchless CH-112 Chieftain is a guitar combo amplifier that delivers 40 watts of power and is a tube based amp. It has two 1/4 inch inputs and a wide array of parameters to control your tone. Everything is laid out nicely, and it is easy to understand and access everything on the amp.


The configuration of the Matchless CH-112 Chieftain is basic and easy to understand, while still maintaining a great deal of control available over your tone. The inherent sound of this amp is extremely impressive, covering a huge array of different tones, all vibrant and full of life. It has both a great clean and overdriven sound, and for only 40 watts, this thing can really get loud. I don't have a manual for this, but it is easy enough to use that you shouldn't really need one if you don't have it already.


The Matchless CH-112 Chieftain amp is great for all types of music, but I use it mostly for rock and pop, as well as folk and country. For all of these genres and more, it sounds great. The CH-112 is simply a great sounding amp that will translate into anything you decide to use it for. I use this mostly with a Fender Stratocaster or a Gibson SG, always with great results. The clean sound is awesome, and the overdrive can range from extremely heavy to more on the lighter side. Whatever you are after in terms of basic guitar tones, you can achieve with this amp - it is simply that good sounding.


I've been using the Matchless CH-112 Chieftain guitar amp for about a year and it is one of my favorite small combo amps out there. The tone is outstanding and the wide array of parameters allows for a huge variety of different tones. Of course, with such great tone comes a huge price, and really makes it only viable for professionals. If you are anything less than a professional or extremely rich, I wouldn't recommend this amp simply because it is absurdly expensive. This being said, if you can afford this amp it will always perform at a high level and it has never let me down for recording.