Rivera Chubster 55 combo
Rivera Chubster 55 combo

Chubster 55 combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Rivera.

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parker killertone 31/07/2013

Rivera Chubster 55 combo : la opinión de parker killertone (content in English)

"Never the same amp twice"

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55 watts lots of killer tone available if you can find it?


Not an amateur amp I have played for 32 years and this amp is the most complex I have yet to own I have owned it for 2 years now.


Mainly strats and gibson s .


I wanted to write this review because about twice a year I want to trade this amp in for something else...it really does not have a great clipped sound or clean tone...so what the heck.
You would think rivera would master a clean sounding amp but the fender chime is not there and as fas as the gain channel goes there's not a very user friendly tone in there either...so why do I keep this amp? I keep thinking that if I change the speaker(which I did to an eminence ) and re tube it i will get that full sound that everybody raves about ...but it's still not there.
One person said that it only sounds good when really cranked up ,but what good is that to an average non giging musician ...nope I think I'm back to wanting to trade this sucker back in for a good old marshall combo.