Two-Rock Studio Pro 35 Combo
Two-Rock Studio Pro 35 Combo

Studio Pro 35 Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Two-Rock in the Studio Pro series.

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iamqman 07/11/2011

Two-Rock Studio Pro 35 Combo : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Blonde Bombshell"

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Two Rock is an amplifier company seeks to create some of the best clean tines and mildly overdriven tones in the industry. They have have an assortment of different amps to choose from and this one is on the lower end of the spectrum. This amp is the same as the black but just a blonde custom color tolex.

This amp is basically the same amp as the 22 watt version only a little higher power section. There are a couple extra features like a pull mid and depth controls which is not on the 22 watt studio. The overall tone and voicing is pretty much the same between the two amps. You get this great amp in a nice little combo unit that is great for gigging or recording.



* 35 Watts with 2x6L6's
* Can optionally run at 22 watts with 2x6V6's
* Pull Bright/Mid/Deep controls
* Active Buffered Effects Loop
* Spring Reverb with Send and Return Controls
* Contour
* Small chassis design
* Pickup Loading Feature

Dimensions: 15" L x 18" H x 10" D
Weight: 39 lbs


This amp has a little bit better tweaking options that takes it up a notch above the 22 watt studio. The pull switches on the mids and bass or lows end add a better element to the overall tone of the mp. This gives you a much better sweep of available EQing to the controls.

The one of this amp is a clean Fender like amp. It is chimey and sweet on the high end. The gain barely does anything. It gets the tubes to overdrive a little bit for country or mild rock music. Nothing that that blows anyone away. The reverb part of the amp is interesting. It has a send and return controls which is unusual to this amp. I have never seen that on any other amp before.


At new these amps come in right at around $2700, which is kind of high for a single channel clean amp. They do sound great but to me not worth the amount of money spent. I have heard many other amps that sound equally as good for a lot less money. I would recommend this amp to someone who has only played this amp and the feels of it is the perfect match to their playing. This is a lot of money to spend on an amp that chances are you have never played. They are hard to find and not many stores carry them.