Vox AC15CC1
Vox AC15CC1

AC15CC1, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Vox in the Custom Classic series.

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moosers 10/03/2010

Vox AC15CC1 : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Vox AC15 CC1 (Custom Classic) is a tube and valve based combination amp, delivering 15 watts of power, as the name states. The speaker is a single 12" that is a custom made Vox speaker. The amp has a single 1/4" input and has both built in reverb and tremolo.


The make up of the Vox AC15 CC1 is very straight forward and easy to follow. The parameters are ones that are often seen on many other amps, so if you're familiar with other guitar amplifiers, you'll definitely recognize a lot of the controls going on here. There is an initial volume knob, as well as EQ/tone knobs for both bass and treble. For the effects, there are parameters for reverb level and tremolo depth and speed. There is also a master volume knob and a stand by button. I don't think that a manual is necessary as everything here is pretty straight forward, but I can't speaker about the make up of the manual as I haven't had a need to look at one.


The sound of the Vox AC15 CC1 will be very familar to you if you have experience with other Vox amps, like the classic AC 30. While the AC15 doesn't sound as full as the AC30 does in my opinion, it still has an overall very respectable sound quality, and can actually pack a lot of punch for its size and wattage. I've used the amp primarily with a Fender Stratocaster, and I definitely felt like the true nature of the Strat came through the amp. I think that it can be used under a variety of circumstances, including for recording and even live shows in perhaps a smaller venue...


The Vox AC15 CC1 is the perfect little amp for the player who isn't looking for something incredibly loud, but still wants a nice sounding amp with a good amount of control, and of course at least somewhat tube based. The price of the AC15 is perhaps a little bit much considering the wattage, which is really my only complaint about the amp and I would have definitely rated it higher if it was even the slightest bit less expensive. Even so, I'd definitely encourage those interested in Vox amps and/or smaller and medium sized quality guitar amplifiers.