ENGL E645/2 Powerball 2 Head
ENGL E645/2 Powerball 2 Head

E645/2 Powerball 2 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Powerball series.

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iamqman 15/09/2011

ENGL E645/2 Powerball 2 Head : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Two is better than one"

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The ENGL Powerball ll amplifier is a much more versatile and much more controlling amplifier then the original Powerball. It retains the same four channels such as clean, crunch, lead, and second lead. They just has a few more enhancements that make this a much more versatile amplifier. This amplifier features four 6l6 power tubes and it is 100 W of power.



4 channels: Clean, Crunch, and 2 Lead channels
Individual volume/gain controls for each channel
Bright/Bottom switches for Clean and Crunch channels
4 ECC83 preamp tubes
4 - 6L6GC power tubes


The front faceplate at this amplifier can be a little bit intimidating at first. It has a load of buttons and a load of switches that can almost be a little confusing. But once you understand the make up and structure of this amplifier it becomes very easy to manage.

You have a presence and death Punch control knobs and allow you to tailoring power amp section much better. You have two bottoms sound switches for the lead channels which allows you to get more low and tone. You also have a mid range boost switch that affects all of the four channels. In addition you get an effects loop on the backside of the amplifier and LED indicators that allow you to know how your power tubes are working and if they are working correctly. In addition to all of this you also get a noise gate which allows you to dumb down some of the hum and noise this high gain amplifier puts out.

This is a insanely huge saturated high gain amplifier. The clean and crunch channels are pretty good on their own matter. But this amplifier lives in the high gain territory. The clean is a pretty good clean but you really don't buy this amplifier for the clean channel. The crunch is a good crunch for classic rock sounds and types of tones. The lead one channel is more for rhythmic channel because of its thick distortion and it's scooped EQ. Second channel is more of a higher gain channel and is more suitable for lead line playing and soloing.


I would recommend this amp to someone who is more into drop tuning and metal sounding guitars. This is for the modern metal type player and not really for the Fender blues or Vox amplifier type guitar player. The voicings a very German sounding, so if you like that then you're in business with his amp but if you don't then you will probably sell this and quicker than you actually paid for it.