ENGL E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34
ENGL E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34

E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Special Edition series.

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myriam63660_en 27/03/2008

ENGL E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34 : la opinión de myriam63660_en (content in English)


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- 100 watts head (4 EL34 - 5 12AX7) - 6 channels - midi controlled
- hard to list all of the connections and possibilities here, have a look on ENGL website


- So much functions that you feel a little lost at first, really need lot of time to set it correctly but after that it's great to control simultanéously the head and your multi fx with the midi system.
- The manual is very clear


- you can do everything with that monster, each of the channels cover a great range of styles:
1/ Tube driver: leave the sound of your instrument unaffected and amplified directly by the power amp
2/ TDHQ: the same channel as above but with EQ settings for shaping, a volume and a sensitivity potentiometer (to set from clean to crunch)
3/ Clean channel: from extreme clean to overdrive
4/ Crunch channel: From slight crunch to heavy warm distorsion
5/ Lead 1 channel: a very tight and focused channel, great for hard rock or métal rhythm work (reminds me of the gun's n' roses rythm sound) - also great for soloing with neck pickup
6/ Lead 2 channel: less défined, bassier and more drive than the prévious channel. Was designed for solo work but i use it for heavy distorted rhythm.

There's so much gain in the lead 1 and 2 channels that i never set the gain setting past 12 o'clock in hi gain mode ;)

Once the channel is set you can choose between dozens of tone shaping options, some are really usefull, others are less depending on what type of sound you want to have


- been using it for more than one year and i'm still amazed by this head, you can do everything with it, it is designed to sound amazingly even without multi fx (the head has multiple semi-paramétric tone shaping options as well as compression mode)
- This head is expensive, but it's worth every euro
- There is no other amp that can match the possibilities the ENGL SE provide, it's the world best kept secret