Krank Amplification Rev +

Rev +, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Krank Amplification.

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MatrixClaw 20/03/2011

Krank Amplification Rev + : la opinión de MatrixClaw (content in English)

"Great Sleeper Amp!"

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Two channel, footswitchable 120W head
(4) 12AX7 tubes in the preamp
(4) Sovtek 6550 tubes in the power amp
Separate volume and 3 band eq sections per channel
Footswitchable Master 1 and Master 2 controls
Gain & Sweep control on Krank channel
Global presence control, active effects loop, worldwide voltage use, ohm selector
“Boost” on Kleen channel
Footswitch included

Custom tolex and grille options available


Unlike the original Revolution amp by Krank, the Rev+ is a lot easier to dial in. While the Krank channel is a little more tricky (due to the Sweep knob's interaction with the rest of the EQ), the Kleen channel is very straight-forward, and getting an awesome clean tone here is quick and easy. With the over-sized transformers and upgraded power section (5881s in the original to 6550s in the + version), this amp packs a HUGE punch.


Having owned a ton of amps over the years (a few of them being Kranks), I can confidently say that this amp has the most unique sounding gain channel I've ever heard (in a good way). Honestly, I have no idea how to even begin describing this amp in terms of another, it doesn't really sound like anything I've heard before, which is great! If you want a unique sound, this thing definitely delivers with a whole different take on a mid range voicing!

Krank seems to get a bad rap a lot online, but their newer series of amps they're putting out sound great! The biggest factor in getting a good tone out of the high gain Krank amps, is learning how to use the Sweep knob. The Sweep knob is the most powerful knob on Krank amps, and will make or break your sound. Usually, I keep mine at about 9:30 (on the o'clock scale), as I find that's the sweet spot for what I want out of it; however, the range of sweep on the Sweep knob (no pun intended!), is much more minimal on the Plus series, and the changes aren't nearly as drastic as they were in the previous version. This allows you to dial in a nice tone much quicker, with less settings resulting in a horrible tone.

I'm a huge fan of 6550s, and they REALLY bring this amp to life. The Rev+ is clear, with an aggressive upper mid range and can just get downright brutal on the Krank channel. The voicing of this channel allows you to keep the gain set low, while still sounding ridiculously heavy and saturated, which in turn gives you masses of clarity. However, if you like tons of gain, it definitely has more than anyone could ever use on tap. Generally, I like to boost my amps with a Maxon OD-808, but usually only end up keeping the amps that sound great without it, this amp passes that test! While it does sound awesome with the gain rolled back and a boost up front, it's not needed, like it would be on something like a 3 Channel Mesa Recto, that will just sound like a sludgy mess if it's not boosted.

The Kleen channel on the Rev+ is simply beautiful. While I kinda wish there was some reverb in the amp (it sounds a bit sterile by itself on the cleans), for the price this amp costs new (and used), it is probably one of the best, if not THE best, clean channel I've heard for a high gain amp in its range. Add some reverb in and you have a clean sound that rivals the best of the best. Kick in the Boost on this channel, and you get a nice grind to it that's great for mid gain tones!


Overall, the Rev+ is an awesome amp. While the Sweep knob may take some getting used to, it's certainly capable of some great, unique tones.

I've actually owned (2) of these amps before, the original was shipped with 2 bad preamp tubes (I bought it used), and I initially hated it. Once I figured out that the reason it sounded under-gained and grainy, was because 2 of the tubes were dead, I replaced them, and it quickly became one of my favorite amps of all time.

For anyone looking for a great high gain amp that's versatile, but doesn't compromise on the clean or lead channels, I would definitely recommend this amp!