Luker Tiger
Luker Tiger

Tiger, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Luker.

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audiogoddess 25/02/2013

Luker Tiger : la opinión de audiogoddess (content in English)

"The best amp Fender never made"

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All tube handwired 20 watt 6V6 head with treble, mid, bass tone stack and a presence control, two inputs hi and low. Simple straight forward layout. Separate 4, 8, 16 ohm speaker outputs. Exactly what is needed.


Beautiful warm cleans and ballsy blues overdrives effortlessly. Compact and lightweight design just great for gigging


Telecaster, Jazz box, Stat all sing in this amp. Very quiet at idle and just rips it up when you crank it.


It is a lovely high quality hand built point to point piece of art with obvious care and precision built in. I love everything about this amp and I expect it to last forever the way it is built. Customer service is the best I have ever experienced.