Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead [1967-1981]
Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead [1967-1981]

1959 JMP Super Lead [1967-1981], Tube Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the JMP series.

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iamqman 04/09/2011

Marshall 1959 JMP Super Lead [1967-1981] : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Almost perfect"

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This Marshall amplifier is an established rock 'n roll tone that you've probably heard on countless albums and recordings. This is such an iconic Marshall amplifier with its classic look and remarkable tone. This is the guy and that you wish you could've started out playing if you were lucky enough to own one. It's been a while now since I start first started to pick up the get electric guitar and I continue to always go back to this classic martial tone.

The amplifier sounds extremely good when coupled with a good hard rock guitar such as if Gibson Les Paul or a Gibson SG guitar or even a Fender Stratocaster guitar. It's a great sound that will have you playing for hours on it.


The control dials are pretty easy to follow as there is only a presence base, middle, travel, and volume. You have your normal inputs high and low and then you have your darker inputs high and low. I really like to use a jumper cable and connected to channels and run it that way cause I find it gets a better punchier tone that just sounds better to my ears.

When you use a jumper cable to jump the two channels the tone is quite remarkable and get a little bit dirtier and three dimensional to my ears. I hardly would ever play this amplifier with just the one channel and less it was a Modded amplifier of some kind then which defeats the entire purpose of why I'm even talking about the two channels.


There are two sounds to this amp you have the volume level that is one in under on the volume control and then everything past one is pretty much the same volume level. So as you increase it past one the volume never really changes when you continue to go clockwise all it does is get the power tubes to saturate more. So you have the bedroom volume which is a little bit thinner that is wanted under and then everything else is past one is the same volume. This is a simple circuit and Marshall's never really changed this is pretty much the original specs when it first came out.

I absolutely love the toner this amplifier when you have a good solid distortion paddle in front of it and a guitar that has a humbucker pick up installed. Even with adding a little bit of delay or some course you can get a really good beefy tone added when you use a jumper cable to blend in the darker thumpier low in tones. This guitars and amplifiers and very versatile as far as the modern technology nowadays with multiple channels and everything but this is a classic sound is for those type of people you really love that classic martial sound.


This amp has obviously been discontinued for a long time but still serve a great price on the used market. I seen him go for right around $11-$1200 for a good price ones and as much is $1800 if people are willing to spend that much money. The great amplifiers if you can get one that's unmolested or on Modded because they're able to retain their resale value a little bit better than a modified one. And if you decide to get a modified these are great starting points for a monotone any hiking tone. If you heard any album from the early 80s all way through the 90s you've probably heard a Modded Marshall is sometime. I highly recommend this guitar amplifier to anyone is looking for that classic Marshall tone or is looking for some Marshall amplifier to get modified. It's an exceptional aunt and with 100 W of power you can really get your speaker cabinet push a lot of loud air.