New Vintage Rogue 45
New Vintage Rogue 45

Rogue 45, Tube Guitar Amp Head from New Vintage.

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xxmartinxx 26/09/2011

New Vintage Rogue 45 : la opinión de xxmartinxx (content in English)

"Great single channel amp"

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- 45 watts
- Two EL34 power tubes
- Three 12AX7 preamp tubes
- One GZ34 rectifier tubes
- Point to point wired
- Mecury Magnetics Transformers


Other than the power and standby switch, the only other switch is the impedance switch. You have Volume, Gain, Treble, Midrange, Bass, and Brightness (the same as a "Presence" knob) and one input jack. It doesn't get much more basic than that.


Just because an amp is simple, it does not necessarily mean it is going to sound good. This amp does indeed sound good. If you put every knob to noon and work from there you can find a great tone within a few seconds. There is no fighting with the amp here or struggling to get a good sound.

A single channel amp with EL34's and three 12AX7's running in it you assume you are getting something in the vintage Marshall vein. You would not be completely wrong here. There is a very distinct Marshall vibe to the amp, but it is clearly not a clone. It's a little bit darker than a Marshall and a tad more refined. You get a fair amount of gain from it, too. It's closer to a JCM800 than a Superlead. It takes all pedals, but more importantly, overdrive pedals extremely well, so boosting it to higher gain is very easy. It's pretty easy to get a good clean, or just barely broken up sound, too. I have tried KT77 power tubes in the amp and those sounded great as well. The KT77's made the amp a little thicker and more punchy.


I have owned so many amps, it seems like I am rarely impressed anymore. This one caught me off guard. I bought this amp not knowing much about the company. I took a chance and I was surprised at how well made the amp was for the price as well as how great the amp sounded, especially in a live setting. It really cuts through great. I am not surprised how many bigger name acts are starting to use New Vintage amps considering the build quality, the customer service, and most of all the price. These amps are considerably cheaper than amps built less well with cheaper parts. If you are interested in one, buy one before the prices go up!