Port City Amps Sahana

Sahana, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Port City Amps.

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hthomas 27/04/2012

Port City Amps Sahana : la opinión de hthomas (content in English)

"Simply a tone monster!"

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The Port City Sahana is simply a tone monster. Now I no that is what everyone says about a amp but this is the real deal. It is a 45watt hand wired, point-to-point amp made in North Carolina. It’s a single channel amp with two switch able gain stages. Features a series FX Loop and line out. Runs 2 JJ EL34s and 3 JJ 12AX7s. I have played many Marshalls, Bogners, and Soldanos. This amp is all those amps in a blender but still different. All the great things about those amps in one and then you have the Sahana. This amp has so much clarity it’s unbelievable. It has this sparkle to it that is just unique.


In a recording situation, throw a Shure SM57 on it and you can see how the amp cuts through a mix in a studio and a live situation. The amp simply has a special thing going on all by itself. It by no means is a high gain amp but will do anything from semi clean to all out old school crunch. You can EQ this amp many different ways to get different sounds. Don’t go by what you see, go by your ears. Finally, you can turn this amp on and leave all the knobs at noon and just plug in and play and you wont want to stop!


Perfect for nailing ACDC to Led Zep type tones. This is a classic rock n roll machine. It is so easy to dial in with just a standard EQ for both gains and one master. One thing I find really cool about this amp is that the middle and treble have there own presence to them, so when you turn one up, it also slightly turns up some highs like a presence knob on other amps.


This is by far a really special amp I believe. I was blown away at the quality and help I got from Port City Amps. For the price it is hard to beat. It is not over ally priced like tons of amps are today. After getting this amp I tried other amps of Port City's and ended up buying another cab and 2 of their cabs!