PRS 50W Super Dallas Head
PRS 50W Super Dallas Head

50W Super Dallas Head , Tube Guitar Amp Head from PRS.

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Kerry.D 19/07/2014

PRS 50W Super Dallas Head : la opinión de Kerry.D (content in English)

"It IS, indeed, Super!"

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50W, EL34-based power stage, simple tone controls, and a truly useable master volume. This isn't your bedroom-volume noodler's's made to be unleashed and played at bar-gig volumes +. Build quality is pro-grade and though I don't have one of the ornate paisley or figured wood head cabinets, it's still beautiful.


Tone controls all work throughout their operating range with enough flexibility to tune to any cabinet and guitar combination.


The delivery of Doug Sewell's unique design is in the tonal flexibility and reliable production of this tone night after night. It's a 50W, single channel amp so you have to expect to use it like one...dime the master, turn up the volume to your desired lead volume, turn down the guitar volume for crunch and clean. It's beautifully old school. With a Twin-like front end and EL34 power stage, it's not like most amps out there. Cleans are stunningly good. Crunch relies on your pickups to provide the drive or your pedalboard. Roll the guitar volume to 10 and it just growls! Matched with the right cab (PRS pine 2x12 for me) and it's magic. With the pedalboard up front, it takes Klon-like ODs perfectly and retains the clarity and punch regardless of how much gain you give it. Listen to Grissom and Haynes...they play these and yield different results, as do I.


Like so many review sites, 90%+ of the reviews are from casual music store lurkers that have never owned the device they're reviewing...much less used it in critical situations. In this case, I have. The PRS Super Dallas is my #1 amp and have recorded and gigged it solidly for the past 2 years. Despite the "it's too pretty and overpriced" flames, this amp delivers 10x over expectations. This is one of the most "sleeper" amps out there.