Rivera Knuckle Head  Tré
Rivera Knuckle Head Tré

Knuckle Head Tré, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Rivera.

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iamqman 10/08/2011

Rivera Knuckle Head Tré : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)

"Not a bad amp head"

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When I think of Rivera amplifiers I do not think of Hyde game I am performance amplifiers. I think of low gain low to mid mild tone gain distortion. They are used to building combination amplifiers but not necessarily high gain amplifier. This is 120 W amplifier with EL 34 power tubes installed. You get to Independent channels powered by five top preamp tubes. This is a very high performance and thundering gain distortion amplifier. There are two channels to Chile from within this amplifier.



High gain
Powerful, unlimited sustain
Massive bottom end
Gigantic headroom for rhythm
Assignable effects loop
Amazing Foundation control
Distortion with definition and edge
Highs without harshness but with full body
Low noise

120W RMS of luscious EL-34 tube power
2 Independent channels powered by 5 12AX7 tubes
3-band passive interactive tone controls on each channel
Most high-gain lead channel Rivera has ever offered, sustain for years, packed with thunderous bottom end — totally controllable with patent pending Foundation control
Clean c hannel with massive headroom and dynamic range
Totally adjustable serial effects loop with hard wire bypass and footswitchable
Rugged Rivera construction, with military- and audiophile-grade components, oversized transformers, and most of all, built to last
3-function footswitch included


The first channel is more of a clean channel. However it can get very gritty and dirty for classic rock tones. There's a pull notch control knob on the middle control knob and you also had a pool bright switch on the treble control knob, this allows the user to dial in a better tone to match the guitar that is used. The second channel is the hygiene channel. This has a master volume trouble middle and base as well as a gain control knob. You also get a boost can control in the master volley.

This amp also has a low gain and high gain inputs for your guitar instrument cable. This amp has a huge bottom end and a great gigantic headroom for bedroom playing. You can also dial in a great sounding leave town from this second channel.


At new you can find these amps for right around $2099. That is not a bad price for a very usable to channel high gain amp. This is 120 W power amplifier which will give you more power than you can probably ever used in most band and bedroom playing situations. I would recommend this to anyone who is used Rivera camps and like the tone invoicing of those particular tips. If you need a high gain multiple channel and you already are a fan of Rivera amplifiers and this is probably the amplifier for you. You will need an external speaker cabinet to plug this amplifier into. Whether it be a two speaker or four speaker cabinet the tone of this camp will better fit a British sounding speaker or a nice Alnico speaker.