Soldano Avenger
Soldano Avenger

Avenger, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Soldano.

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iamqman 13/04/2011

Soldano Avenger : la opinión de iamqman (content in English)


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The Soldano Avenger is a lead channel version of the SLO-100 amp. It is a single channel amp with a high and low gain input. The amp puts outs some heavy saturation that is very thick and chewy. It is a very huge sounding amp that gets pretty heavy with a Marshall style voicing and saturation.

One thing I love about Soldano's are that they are still manufactured by one tech from start to finish. Though the company has grown to great success they still keep it within house for close detailed operation.


Soldano Avenger 100W Tube Guitar Amp Head Features:

* 100W head with the SLO 100 Overdrive Circuit
Single Channel
Simplified Signal Path For Improved Dynamic Response
No Effects Loop Or Extraneous Wiring
Preamp Gain/Master Gain For Overdrive At Lower Volumes
Three Band EQ (Bass, Mid, And Treble)
Presence Control
Depth Control Boosts Low End
Selectable Impedance Switch; 4, 8, Or 16-Ohm
High And Low Gain Inputs
5881/6L6 Power Tubes


The Soldano sound is very huge and thick sounding. They have a distinct chewy fat distortion that they are well known for having. This amp can get a great rock and metal tone that stays tight even at lower dropped tuning and 7 and 8 string guitars.

You can dial in some great 80's metal/rock tones very easily with this amp. You will need to open up the presence and the mids more since this amp is lower midrange heavy in nature. The think just sings great sustain and drive that makes playing very fun.


When I first played a Soldano I was unsure of how to get a good tone, but with some tweaking I started to hear what was so special about these amps. They are naturally fat and chewy which separates them from normal Marshall JCM 800. The 800 can be a little thinner and more higher midrange. This amp I actually a little more than the Soldano SLO beause it already comes with the depth control knob. The SLO you have to get it modified with that extra control. I don't think someone should ever have to modify a $3000+ guitar amp.

These units come in at around $1800 which is a great price for a high gain boutique amplifier. I would recommend anyone who needs s simple single channel British flavored hard rock amp. Under $2000 for something of this caliber is very enticing.