Soldano Avenger
Soldano Avenger

Avenger, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Soldano.

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loudfunk 27/03/2011

Soldano Avenger : la opinión de loudfunk (content in English)

"Single channel gain monster..."

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100 watt single channel tube head. Gain, bass, middle, treble, master, presence, depth controls, selectable 4, 8, 16 ohm impedance. High and low sensitivity inputs. Four 5881 power tubes.
This version came with the DeYoung output transformer which since the circuit is pretty much the lead channel of the Soldano SLO made for a very similar sounding amp.


Super simple lay-out makes for a very easily dialed in amp. Manual is not needed. Dialing it in is as simple as as can be. The low sensitivity input essentially mimics the SLO-100 with the Warren Haynes mod.


Use this a lot with a Patrick Eggle Berlin and a O'Donnell Fusion. Very easy to get a mid rich high gain tone ala Holdsworth. The amp's gain a natural compression makes for a great smooth sound. But just like it's bigger brother it has enough teeth on top so it won't be a muddy mess. With the DeYoung output transformer it sounded very close to one of the 2 SLO-100 I compared it to.


Since the amp has no effects loop if you want delay it'll get a bit more convoluted. Running a delay pedal before the amp, thus before the overdrive will end up with that "folded over note" sound. The only option-unless you mic the amp and add delay after the fact- is to run it in either a wet/dry set-up or loaded down into effects into a power amp. But this applies to any amp that has lots of gain and no effects loop.
Usually I don't care all that much about visuals, but the face plate machined to look like a hot rodded cars engine block is also a nice touch.
For Fusion guys with dual amp set-ups, or if you don't need a clean sound this is a great choice.
I've used this together with an old Fender Bassman switched into the same cab via a Radial Engineering Headbone switcher.
I'm not sure how much milage guys that want a versatile amp get out of this one, you can dial in nice clean tones, but for my tastes the amp's strong suit lays with it's high gain tones. This is also one of the few amp's I have used that has enough natural compression to use fretless guitars without extra pedals.
If gain is your thing, this very well may be the ticket.