Sunn Concert Lead
Sunn Concert Lead

Concert Lead, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Sunn.

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moosers 01/11/2009

Sunn Concert Lead : la opinión de moosers (content in English)


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The Sunn Concert Lead is a tube based guitar amplifier head that has two separate channels.  I'm not sure exactly what the wattage on this head is (I think it is 100 watts), but rest assured that this thing can absolutely crank loud.  Each of the channels has two has 1/4 inch inputs and there is a also a 1/4 inch speaker cable output in the back to send this to a speaker cabinet.  The head is also pretty small and has a handle, which is nice because it makes it easy to carry around.


The make up of the Sunn Concert Lead is extremely easy to follow and both of the two channels has the same exact parameters as they are the same in configuration.  They each have knobs for volume, bass, mid, treble, but since there are a few different versions the rest of the parameters usually vary.  I know that there are some that have built in distortion, but the one I have used doesn't have any effects.  A manual for this would be hard to find, but I don't think that one is needed anyway as it is easy enough to use on its own.


The clean tones that I get with the Sunn Concert Lead are pretty great as I love how loud that I can get this amp.  I usually use the amp for recording with either a Gibson SG or a Fender Stratocaster.  I haven't generally used this amp with any effects other than maybe a distortion or an overdrive pedal.  I've never gigged with this head and usually used it with a huge speaker cabinet, so it is definitely something that I use for recording rather than for gigging, but I don't see why you couldn't use it for both.


While this is definitely a good sounding amp, the Sunn Concert Lead isn't really an amp that you can seek out because they are pretty hard to find.  It is more of an amp that you kind of stumble upon if you get lucky, but even if you don't you're not missing out on all that much because there are definitely a lot of different amps that I would rather use than this one even though I do like the sounds that I get with this amp.  If you are looking for a vintage amp of this nature, I would definitely recommend checking out this amp if you can find it or anything by Sunn, but there are plenty of other modern and vintage amps out there that sound better and are more easily accessible.