Thd Bivalve
Thd Bivalve
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loudfunk 31/01/2012

Thd Bivalve : la opinión de loudfunk (content in English)

"The Univalves bigger brother!"

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2 12 Ax7 pre-mp tubes
2 power tubes that can be any octal *AC pin out such as, El34, 6L6, 6550, Kt66. Kt77, KT88, KT90, KT100, 6v6, 6k6, 6f6, 6g6, etc... or and that's where it gets good...any combination of them.
Volume, Bass, Trble, Attitude controls.
Build in attebuator with level control, hi-low voltage switch, cut switch, attenuator on/off switch, stand-by and power switch.
On the back 2 speaker jacks, impedance selector 2/4 ohm or 8/16 ohm setting. transformer isolated line./instrument level line out with control, and passive line level effects loop.


Simple layout, easy to dial in. A louder UniValve with more muscle on the bottom end, and thanks to the second power tube more harmonic complexity in the power stage.
Since the effects loop is passive and this type of amp has virtually no pre-amp distortion. All overdrive comes from how hard you hit the power section with the pre-amp using a delay or verb in the loop is really no different than using it in the from. Since the delay ends up before the gain. Which gives that weird folded over note attack.
The work around there is of course to either run a wet/dry set-up or just load the amp down into delay into a power amp if delay is a must.


Sounds? IF you liked the UniValve but wanted a bit more oomph and volume the BiValve is the amp to try. In turn it looses some of the UniValve's sweetness and since the output transformer is bigger it takes more to drive it into overdrive therefore having a bit less gain.
I real nice amp for Roots Rock or any Twangage you ever need. But it still can rock hard.


Greta amp for its specific purpose. Not so great if what you really wanted was a channel switching combo!