Thd Flexi 50 Head
Thd Flexi 50 Head

Flexi 50 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Thd.

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mooseherman 01/02/2011

Thd Flexi 50 Head : la opinión de mooseherman (content in English)

"Expensive but versatile tube amp with a ton of variations!"

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This is a tube amp made by THD. This company has not been very good at getting their name out there, which is a shame because they make some really cool products that are really ahead of the curve. This is a tube amp head that can switch between 20 and 50 watts with the touch of a button. It has controls for volume (gain), three band EQ, a master volume and a boost (which can both be bypassed via a footswitch), as well as a "cut" knob which works like a presence knob but is sort of different in a way that I can't really describe. It's different in that it doesn't really affect your other EQ settings as much, which is pretty mind-blowing to me.


This amp is really one of the more versatile amps out there, and this is mainly because it allows you to change the fundamental way it operates. This can be as easy as bypassing the master volume or boost, or even switching the wattage from 50 to 20. However, the real treat is the ability to switch virtually any kind of tube into the amp, as it has a detailed manual that will give you precise instructions. Considering the variety of different tubes that one can buy, this is really an unprecedented feature.


I love the sound that I got out of this amp. I haven't had time to really change the tubes out, so I don't know how different tubes work in it, but the stock tubes were more than adequate. This sort of reminds me of an older Marshall tone, nothing too modern and boring. It has a great way of reminding me of great classic sounds like Cream and Hendrix. Increasing the wattage can really add a whole new level of impact. The boost channel gives you more of an in-your-face sound, and can be EQ'd perfectly for solos and leads. This is just an all around great tube amp from the get-go, and can only be improved by tinkering around with it more.


This is a ridiculously expensive amp, which makes me wonder whether or not it's worth it. I would say that it is simply because there is so much variety. If you want it to work more like a Twin, you can put in the 6l6 tubes or if you want Marshall tones, EL34. This isn't possible with many (if any) other amps. Basically you're paying for the wiring to be done for you while you customize the amp, and also a ton of other killer features. Highly recommended.